HCL N3 Building – A Haunted Place in Noida

HCL Technologies Ltd., with British Telecom (BT) operations in N3 Building is a Haunted Place in Noida, as told by several employees, who have experienced it personally.

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58 Responses to HCL N3 Building – A Haunted Place in Noida

  1. souvik C says:

    even i have heard bot it…
    i was vth HCL for 6 months ….
    the training used to b till 11 pm and everybody was asked to leave.

  2. napster says:

    yeah its true i also feel some spiritual power and ghosts

  3. Akhil says:

    I was there few months ago … And I saw blood dripping from ceiling .. I got so scared I wet wet my pants ran away from there. Next day I quit my job from there.

  4. haunted says:

    i work in hcl..
    I also felt some spritual power..
    Once when i was in washroom of 2nd floor i saw a ghost image suddenly on mirror that passes thorugh … I was so scared but i thought i may be due to my fear becuase i had already heard these things before experiencing… But i believed its true when i experienced it twice n then thrice… Second time when i went there i was alone generally that washroom is used rarely… Then suddenly lights went off n i heard a vibrating voice i was finding the door bt where i was touching just found wall… Thanks to god i found door n ran away…. N for thrice as soon as i entered there again lights went off in simillar way with vibrating voice n apperance of short circuit … This time i knew the exact position of door i just ran and pushed… My friends also felt in rippins training room that is really haunted…

    • Bp says:

      Rippins is haunted.. We were trained there .. And I felt some supernatural powers in that room and washroom as well .. Well the day I stepped that building my health is not fine at all.. Now them guys have renovated rippins..anyways believe what you see… Rest is fake. .
      Take care..


      Nice story bro, there is no ghost in hcl as well as in n3 basement. if you found image of ghost then why did you use that washroom. it’s just missconseption or nothing. your brain create these image according to the situation create in your mind.

  5. unknown says:

    This is all crap, i m workin with hcl since long. No such shit exist. Dnt believe it guyz i roam around all night n nothing exist.


  6. visu says:

    yes i was there in july month. i went to washroom and i saw a women seeing in window. she was wearing white share i got scared. Next day i quit job.

  7. neerjah says:

    Can you let know which part of N3 is haunted?

  8. Rocky says:

    You guys are serious?

  9. shivam says:

    am working here is it true guys please let me know ?

  10. ajay singh says:

    I recently joined.hcl n training is going on in n3 building basement…every night when I came back alone from break I listened some voice like sme1is watching movie but its jst for 2 -5 sec. Sound..n when I came out frm the training room to see that..no one was there…

  11. ANSHU says:

    all are fake stories

  12. ankush says:

    hello i m ankush nd u r help nd so u r ok

  13. Rahul says:

    Sab chudyapa hai sala Ghanta khuch nhi. H

  14. Gaurav Sharma says:

    HCL is multinational company, where thousands people are working in day shift as well as in night shift. and those people are enjoying there job and the enviroment of company. These are fake excuses and all are rumour.

    I never worked there but i know it is false

  15. supriya says:

    Yes I also experienced somethin in 3rd floor washroom

  16. PRATEEK CHAWLA says:

    What the Fuck……. There is No Such Paranormal Activity there. I am working here from past 2 years but never experienced any thing like this.

  17. Useless talks.
    Its been years I’m working here and worked with allmost all centres of HCL in Delhi-NCR but never found or feel any such thing anywhere.
    Grow-up guys..

  18. vakul gogna says:

    me to i can feel her preesence

  19. Yagya says:

    rumours only. I have worked with Ienergizer and that is also haunted. However, I have stayed there on floor alone whole night.

  20. ankit says:

    yes really i also feel that
    lots of abnormal activity going on there i saw a naked woman there and her legs are in opposite side then i ran away from there

  21. ankit says:

    so scary i also leave that place and quite my bpo job.
    i saw in a naked man in the mirror and he slept me
    i got scare at that time i leave that job….

  22. rahul tomer says:

    so scary i also leave that place and quite my bpo job.
    i saw in a naked man in the mirror and he slept me
    i got scare at that time i leave that job….

  23. tanu says:

    yes n3 is a haunted place ……plzzz guys b aware….ek din mere sath ka trainee avinash 51525503 ..he was sittingb alone in basement e-lab….and he felt sumone was screeming for help…and crying…he was very at dat tym…

  24. Pritam says:

    Yup I agree I worked there for 8 months and then I had to quit the job….I also saw blood dripping from ceiling and also heard weird noises and screams and even had strange sightings of some people

    • Jayanta Modak says:

      It’s a rumor guys. I’m working as a trainer in HCL… I’ve took some batches in N3 basement and even on the 3rd floor, that is too before renovation. There’s nothing like this.


        Glad to see you Jayanta Sir. Tell these idiot kids that I’ve been with this company for 4-5 years and worked at all centers and floors(Being in Technologies), day/night, alone/with teams but never experienced anything at all.

    • XYZ says:

      Dude I am a student of Amity University. For your kind information Amity has recently bought HCL for its expansion. Even Amity is claimed to paranormal cuz its built on top of cemetery. There are hawans going on 24*7 In the campus. I am a regular college student from past 3 yrs. All I ve heard about the place being haunted no experience. And guys plz stop spreading rumours. Have faith in positivity and a strong heart. moreover.

  25. karan Bhaskar says:

    Once it happen with my friend he was at 2nd floor & he felt down we don’t know why. When he get up he was saying one people was gazing me from the ceiling.

  26. Atul Rao says:

    utter nonsense …….

  27. sonu says:

    This HCL center is situated in noida sector 59 near CSC.

  28. Tanya Singh says:

    Maa kasam 2 saal s bhutni dhoondh raha hu… aj tak nai dikhi…

  29. Arup says:

    Thats all bullshit, i am working here and there is no such thing.

  30. jena says:

    hello everyone iam employee at hcl bserv and i work at the n3 building the entire fcuking building is haunted.
    it is build on a ancient burriel site for heavens shake plz dont join hcl if u join this organisation plz make sure that u dont come to n3 building. im scared to shit.

    once i was working late usualy my shift gets over by 12.30 but i stayed back bcoz i had somestuff to complete i was not alone and few others were also there on the floor. suddendly all the lights started flickering we were confused and then it all stoped. we thought it was some kind of electricity prob but after 15 mins it happened again this time we called the maintainace dept but they replied there is nothing wrong. now we were confused we decided to evacuate the buliding but the doors wont access the id cards now we were really scared. we called for help but the phone lines were not working. we sat inside our floor and prayed for our lives a friend of mine stared chanting the hanuman chalisa it really gave us strength. we held our hands and stayed at a corner. the entire night we were scared for our lives. at 6.30am when the floor cleaner people came we ran like hell they saw us and cudnt believe we stayed there the entire night. we all rushed out of the building we decided to do a head count to make sure that noo one was left inside. one person was missing we decided to look for him we searced the entire building but cudnt find him. we decided to look in the camera’s to find him but we simply didnt see him on the camera now i was wondering what the hell just happened. Was that guy not real it is for u to decide.

  31. yaa this is all true i also work in hcl and i feel n3 is haunted really bad. Everyday we get our training in e lab in the basement and everyday someone faints and then when they wake up again they forget everything. I wish i could leave but they are not letting me resign they say they will not let me go.
    😦 please help me.

  32. ANSHIKA PATHAK says:


  33. Nidhi Singh says:

    I also saw ghost in HCL n3,,,,but I was never been there. hahahahahaha

  34. charu says:

    Is this real stories guys

  35. I worked in N3& -N5 from 2013-14 and we had our training in basementin that room or adjusent room. and while I felt sleepy sometimes I used to bunk and sleep in other room…….. but the ghost used to scare from me and I slept alone ghost kicked out. emp ID 51490179

  36. Chanda Kumal Kumari says:

    I have worked in HCL N3 building for 8 months,and i was in a shift which used to ends at 1:30am and i have never came across such ghostly things.I have searched a lot when in my training period we used to stay there for whole night.No such lady in white saree or blood from the ceiling.


    I’ve been with this company for 4-5 years and worked at all centers and floors(Being in Technologies), day/night, alone/with teams but never experienced anything at all.

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